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Today we include other gemstones that are popularly demanded.
They are also good partners of Citrine. We continue to offer Citrine because this crystal produces a vibration frequency that attracts success and money, easily and effortlessly. It is actually known as the “money stone” or "stone of wealth".
Increase your positive influence.
An Allura Citrine will shield you from vibration frequencies that oppose your positive desires by cancelling it with its own frequency pattern that corresponds with your personality and vision in life. You can intuitively know this. Imagine that you are touching each Citrine jewelry as you go over each selection. Your perfect match is the one which your heart will “feel”, giving you the "tingles".
Citrine is more than a gemstone. It's a crystal that attracts success and money.
Always wear your Citrine pendant, necklace or ring, or place a natural Citrine stone decor in your room or office desk.

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You Should Have With You What You Need To Succeed



This gemstone, known to radiate a vibration frequency that attract success and financial freedom, should be within your reach…

…especially if you are just starting a business enterprise or any income generating activity.  We make that possible with affordable Allura Crystals selections of Citrine stones that you can wear or put in your office or home.

If you are starting a business or you are engaged in any activity that is intended to bring about financial wealth, having a Citrine stone should be an important yet inexpensive part of your investment. The atomic vibration frequency of a Citrine crystal has been known to resonate with the positive vibration frequency that is generated by visualizations of success and abundant flow of money. For this reason it has been called the “Merchant’s Stone” and also “Money Stone”.


It is also known to have an electro-magnetic field that influences the merging of good vibrations among those working in the same room or place so that good interpersonal relationship among co-workers is enhanced and enables optimum productivity in a business operation.

A Citrine gemstone, whether polished or still in its natural form, is a crystal that both produces and absorbs energy. It will absorb energy coming from you and refines its own energy characteristics to harmonize with yours. You can therefore “tune” the positive influence of your own Citrine gemstone according to your own personal visualization of success and financial abundance. Its positive influence on things in your environment and connections with people will be more accordingly directed to how you prefer circumstances will favor your good plans and objectives.

Inspect our selections of Citrine stones, in fine jewelries, decorative motifs or in natural forms. You will intuitively know which one is for you. Imagine it that you are touching each displayed Citrine that you have chosen to view. The one that your heart will “feel”, or even give your senses the tingles, is the one that is meant for you.

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