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My name is Allura. I study stones and crystals. My interest on gemstones goes back to the time when I was still a child observing how my mother very carefully takes care of her jewelries. She was a collector and a lover of gemstones. As I grew up, I learned more about the nature and the molecular characteristics and structures of earthly elements that the power of nature had processed into crystals. In my adult life, my interest became more focused on the force field around a crystal, such as produced by the atoms of Citrine at the quantum level. I learned about their vibration frequencies and how their force fields merge with the force fields produced by our own mind and body and by all things around us. When you can feel the right crystal for you and you get it, you are actually getting two valuables, a fine jewelry and a force field with positive influences, for prosperity and abundance. These I share and make available for you to have in Allura Crystals.

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We welcome questions. We also welcome stories about how your gemstone is affecting your personal life and world. Science is now beginning to discover the connectivity of everything in this universe. Our thoughts are actually connected through the merging of force fields. If we are in agreement on the positive influence of the crystal you have chosen from our selections, then we can affirm your positive thoughts of prosperity and abundance with the gemstone that we helped make available to you through Allura Crystals. Tell us. Keep in touch. We respect your privacy. Please be assured that we will only be replying to your emails. We will never send you unsolicited emails. Thank you for visiting Allura Crystals.
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